The Lights on but do you Know what it Means?

Campervan drivers, along with other motorists, are being warned to better their knowledge of their vehicle as a leading tyre company reveals that many drivers don’t understand the warning lights on their dashboards.

Kwik-Fit, the well known tyre and spare parts company, surveyed over 5,000 customers recently and found that many had no idea what the warning signs on their dashboard indicated. The researchers showed motorists copies of various signs that are to be found on dashboards and in some cases less than half of the motorists recognised them. The survey found that just 49% recognised a warning light that indicated tyre pressure was low and the same percentage failed to identify the true meaning of the glowing bulb that can be found on most dashboards. In fact Kwik-Fit says that almost 7 in 10 motorists drive with under inflated tyres.

The lack of knowledge by drivers obviously represents a safety hazard but could also compromise a driver’s campervan insurance policy. A driver should be familiar with their vehicle and should not ignore warning lights. All the signs are explained in the vehicle hand book and it is a driver’s responsibility to acquaint themselves with the signs.

Roger Griggs, communications director of Kwik-Fit, said “Under or over inflated tyres are a significant safety risk, causing handling problems, reduced grip and longer braking distances. As well as being a safety concern, driving on the wrong pressures results in a drop in fuel efficiency and increased tyre wear, placing an additional financial burden on motorists.”

The company initiated the survey in response to an EU directive which compels vehicle manufacturers to install tyre pressure monitoring devices in all new models.

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