Sacrifices made to Keep Vehicles on the Road

A survey out today shows that motorhome owners are cutting back on spending to ensure they can keep their vehicles on the road.

The survey by in partnership with YouGov found that a large number of motorists across the UK are struggling to keep their vehicles on the road because of higher fuel charges and other motoring costs. 1 in 4 of those surveyed said they were now consciously making cuts in other areas to ensure their vehicles were kept on the road and in a good state of repair. The same amount said they were actually cutting down on their supermarket shop to pay their vehicle bills.

Of course there are a higher proportion of motorhome owners who will view their vehicle as more of a luxury than a basic need but even here owners are making cuts. They are cutting down on other leisure activities such as gym membership and golf club membership to keep their luxury mode of travel. 60% said they now looked around for good motorhome insurance deals rather than just renew their old policy. Some also said they would use public transport instead of their work car in order to keep their motorhome on the road.

Phil Jones, the commercial director of, said “It appears that recent efforts by the Government to improve its poor reputation with motorists have failed and motorists are being forced to make sacrifices in their life to simply afford to run their cars. For most of us, the car is a necessity and the increasing costs facing motorists are alarming. The car is fundamental to the economy, getting us from A to B in all areas of life. For many motorists, changing their vehicle can reduce their outgoings, which is good news for dealers. When we asked what concerned them most an overwhelming 82% of motorists said that fuel prices were one of the greatest concerns for them, while over a third (38%) were most concerned with the cost of vehicle insurance premiums.”

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