Campervan Owner Loses his Vehicle as Garage Goes up in Flames

The value of campervan insurance was demonstrated once again yesterday as a campervan enthusiast saw one of his vehicles completely destroyed in a garage fire.

The incident happened in Barrowford Road, Colne, Lancashire around noon, and in the end the owner was lucky to escape without injury. The van owner had taken the vehicle inside a large detached garage to do some work on the electrics. He left the garage to do something else but when he returned saw plumes of smoke coming from the garage door. The man, in his fifties, quickly called the emergency services and then set about rescuing some other vehicles he had close by.

By the time the emergency services arrived the garage was well ablaze and there was little the firemen could do. The fire completely destroyed the garage and all its contents including the campervan. The owner will now be looking at a huge insurance claim but thankfully no-one was injured in what turned out to be a considerable fireball as the campervan exploded.

Richard Taylor, the watch manager from one of the stations where fire crews were called out, said “We believe it was an electrical malfunction that caused the fire and that it was accidental. We had to take a defensive stance and cool LPG cylinders to remove them from the scene. It was quite a large, but isolated fire and took us around three hours to put out. The man had to move two other campervans he was working on out of the way so they did not also go up in flames.”

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