Fuel Prices Annoying UK Motorists Most

Motorhome owners will not be surprised that a survey conducted by a leading breakdown assistance company reveals that UK motorists find the cost of fuel the most annoying aspect of driving in the UK.

The survey by Autonational Rescue asked over 1,000 motorists from locations all over the UK to vote on the most annoying feature of everyday driving in Britain, and 4 in 10 said they found prices at the garage forecourt not only annoying but depressing too. And there’s little wonder really, because for many years now UK motorists have been close to the top of world fuel prices.

Ronan Hart, the marketing manager for Autonational Rescue confirmed as much, saying “The UK consistently ranks among the top three most expensive fuel prices for motorists in the entire world, with only Norway regularly beating us. If you want really cheap fuel you have to go to Venezuela (average price 3p per litre!) or some of the Gulf States.

“But in all honesty, the very fact we are consistently at the top of world fuel prices does justify the persistent complaint by our nation’s motorists that we pay far too much for fuel at the pumps. One of the few good things to come out of this time of austerity is that many councils are cutting back or even removing their public car parking charges, principally to bring shoppers into their towns and cities rather than to specifically help the motorist. But so much more should be done to keep the cost of motoring down.”

Other pet hates were revealed as bad driving techniques by other motorists, which came in second and not surprisingly the cost of insurance, including motorhome insurance. Surprisingly though, motorhome owners said the thing that annoyed them most about insurance costs was not so much the cost of the premium but the fact that insurance companies do not reward loyalty automatically to customers who have been with them for some time.

The cost of car parking and car servicing also featured highly but the Green Lobby may note that pollution from vehicle emissions only found top spot with 3 out of 100 drivers!

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