Campervan with a Difference

It is not the sort of campervan that owners go out and buy motorhome insurance for, but a campervan travelling around the streets of Northwood, Middlesex is making everyone stop and stare!

The gold and white VW Campervan is a custom built, scaled down model of the classic VW camper from the 1960s. It has been attached as a sidecar to a 1961 Lambretta scooter, and people just can’t believe their eyes when they see it. The vehicle belongs to 44 year old Jay Dyer whose 11 year old son Kaine takes the passenger seat in the sidecar.

Jay bought the basic skin of the campervan from a dealer in Belgium and then spent 7 months lovingly converting the cab into the colour coordinated sidecar of his beloved Lambretta scooter. The sidecar has had to be welded to comply with UK safety requirements and Jay had difficulty sourcing the lights to accompany the vehicle but got there in the end. He said: “When my son and I are driving along the road we turn everyone’s heads. We get absolutely mobbed by people when we take it to shows, and journeys can take ages as we are constantly stopped by folk wanting to take photos.”

He went on: “No-one has ever seen anything like it and it’s a great feeling to see the look on people’s faces when they realise it is a miniature campervan. I’ve had scooters for 27 years and see them as an iconic part of British culture and I’m glad to make my contribution.”

Jay reckons the bill for making the unique conversion came to about £2,500 but says he gets plenty of offers from people in excess of that, with one enthusiast actually offering him £8,000 to part with the vehicle. He says though, that he will never part with the special camper and son Kaine says he wouldn’t let him even if he wanted to!

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