DIY Breath Testing kit becomes Compulsory in France

Motorhome owners heading for France this summer will have to include one extra piece of equipment in their camper this year as French authorities crack down on drink driving.

Under a new French law motorists will have to carry a portable breath testing kit in their vehicles at all times. Anyone caught without carrying one facing an on the spot fine. The kits will not be too expensive with some experts saying they will be under £5 but they must comply with French safety standards.

The kits will be set at France’s 50mg per 100ml of blood limit which is almost half the limit in the UK so motorhome owners must be aware that though they may have a drink in the UK before they get on a ferry and be under the limit they could well be over the limit when they step on French soil. It is expect that the kits will be available on ferries and in many other places in the channel ports.

The breath testing kit will be another addition to the number of items motorhome owners must have with them when they travel over the English Channel. They also need a copy of their motorhome insurance certificate, a warning triangle, a fluorescent jacket, spare bulb kit and GB plates. Andrew Howard, head of the AA’s road safety team was not impressed with the new addition, saying “They are not a good idea, because a driver’s metabolism means that the alcohol level doesn’t peak until 45 minutes after drinking. You could pass a test in the car park after an agreeable lunch and then fail when stopped by the police three-quarters of an hour later. The only sensible advice remains if you drink don’t drive and if you drive, don’t drink.”

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