Placing of GPS Devices a Safety Issue

Motorhome owners are being warned that they may be placing their GPS devices in the wrong place and although the warning emanates from Australia, police in the UK confirm it is also a problem here.

Thousands of motorhome enthusiasts tour the Australian State of Queensland in their pursuit of a sunshine holiday but RAC officials are concerned that drivers are placing the sat-nav devices in the middle of the windscreen and hindering their view. Police sources confirmed that 84 drivers in the state were prosecuted for driving without a clear view in 2011, with a number being involved in accidents that have led to claims involving motorhome insurance.

Paul Turner, a spokesman for the RAC, said “There is little doubt that poor placement of a GPS device can, and has, led to crashes. If they are put in the wrong place, it can certainly lead to crashes and serious injury or death and we don’t think there has been enough education on where drivers should place their sat-navs. It really is an issue of ignorance rather than people flouting the law, every taxi driver I’ve seen has it in the wrong place. Most people think they are doing the right thing by putting it in the middle of the windscreen because they don’t have to move their head, but in fact that is the wrong place to put it.”

According to a police spokesman in the UK, motorhome owners are advised to put their navigation devices as low as possible in the right hand corner of the windscreen thus ensuring it does not hinder their view from any of their mirrors.

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