Minister Hoping to get Sat-Navs Back on Track

Government ministers will hold a “Sat-Nav Summit” in London today in a bid to sort out problems caused by the GPS devices sending drivers on wrong routes. The meeting is set to take place in Whitehall at 9am if everyone finds their way there on time!

Local Transport Minister Norman Baker will chair the meeting, and campervan drivers who have found themselves claiming on their campervan insurance after being directed into a ditch, a farmyard or indeed a stream, will be hoping the meeting takes the right direction and Mr Baker comes away from the talks with a plan that will map out the future of the now ubiquitous devices.

The meeting will have representatives from companies who manufacture the GPS systems, and local councils, highway authorities and mapping providers will also be in attendance. Mr Baker is determined to get some sort of agreement from the meeting and emphasised the importance of getting the problems sorted out, saying: “Out-of-date directions mean misdirected traffic – a scourge of local communities. I am pleased that all involved have agreed to work more closely to provide drivers with accurate, up-to-date information on traffic restrictions such as narrow roads or low bridges. The summit will see a plan of action agreed to ensure motorists are given the best possible directions and help prevent huge lorries from being sent down narrow country lanes and through small villages.”

Any improvements to the devices will be especially welcomed by motorhome drivers and campervan enthusiasts who by the nature of their vehicles, and their use of them on holidays and weekends away, means they are often in parts of the country they are not familiar with.

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