Expowest Gearing up for Tourist Season

Tourism chiefs in Cornwall meet together this weekend to decide on what they can do to increase the number of visitors to England’s remotest county this summer.

Cornwall is already the top tourist destination for beach and camping holidays in the UK with thousands of campervan and motorhome owners flocking there every year to get a taste of the unique way of life the South-West peninsula offers. Tourist chiefs are not resting on their laurels however, and this week has seen hundreds of Cornish businessmen coming together to discuss how they can improve even further what the county has to offer. The Expowest event will be held at the Royal Cornwall Showground just outside Wadebridge.

Transport is a major factor in all the decisions on tourism in Cornwall as the many small rural roads are a direct contrast to the superb condition of the A30 duel carriageway that runs down the spine of the county. Many campervan drivers have spent frustrating hours queuing to get into small coastal villages in the height of summer and had to make claims on their motorhome insurance after minor accidents in the tiny lanes that are crammed with drivers not sure where they are going.

This weekend will see discussions on the new £10 million transport hub planned for West Cornwall come to a final decision, and wherever it is placed it should be a boost for motoring visitors of all descriptions. The basic idea is that tourists can travel the length of the A30 and then drive into the transport hub and have the options of train or bus into all the places of interest in West Cornwall. It should make places like Lands End, St Ives, Penzance, and the Minack Theatre eminently more accessible and comfortable.

Peter Sugden, the event manager, said “We’re incredibly proud of the role Expowest plays in driving trade and best practice by bringing together the region’s catering, hospitality and tourism businesses. The transport hub will clearly help businesses in West Cornwall get tourists to their doorstep. We all agree that hospitality, catering and tourism in the region must stay one step ahead in the coming year. The businesses that are prepared to invest in what they’re offering customers and stay quick on their feet in the way they market themselves will stay one step ahead.”

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