Doubleback Gives you Something to Sleep on

Campervan enthusiasts will be delighted with the news that a UK company has come up with a solution for that eternal problem with campervans… space to sleep.

Although it will never, ever put off a true enthusiast there is no doubt that most campers are a bit cramped when it comes to saying goodnight. Well a UK company have launched a new product on the market called the Doubleback which will truly put the cramped space issue to bed. Built on a modern Volkswagen T5 Transporter van, the Doubleback still clings on to the soft extending tent roof that enables campers to stand upright, but it’s been further equipped for camping duties with an extending pod that adds an extra two metres of living space inside. The pod is somewhat similar to a second skin on the inside of the VW. A slick motorized action allows the skin to slide out from the back of the campervan like a modern day Thunderbird craft.

Although the pod itself only weighs 150kgs it can take almost triple its own weight. The interior of the pod is equipped with a large bed, but it can be folded down so the space can be also used for other activities.

Robin Kerr has tried it out and was impressed saying: “It really does make a big difference, with having two kids we were seriously thinking of buying a motorhome even though we love the whole VW campervan scene. It is expensive, well over fifty grand but it allows us to retain our love affair with campervans.”

In fact the van comes in at £55,000 and if you can afford the price then you will easily afford the campervan insurance to go with it, but remember to check with your provider about the extras that come with this campervan and make sure you get the appropriate cover.

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