Survey Reveals Reasons why so many Motorhome Owners are Fined

Research has shown that an alarming number of drivers do not know the legal speed limit for different types of roads. Motorhome owners were included in the research that showed 71% of United Kingdom drivers could not name the legal speed limit on a single carriageway, a dual carriageway, a motorway, a road in a built up area or a rural road.

As a result, almost 40% of motorhome owners questioned have been caught speeding during the last three years. On average a motorhome owner was clocked exceeding the speed limit by 8.5mph but there were 4% who were caught breaking the speed limit by 20mph or more and one person in Essex was even caught by police driving their motorhome at 100mph.

Insurance brokers are alarmed that so many motorists cannot correctly identify the legal speed limit on UK roads. If a driver is caught exceeding the limit by just a few mph, they can still be fined and have penalty points put on their driving licence which will make a difference when a broker does their job of finding competitive motorhome insurance quotes.

Police data shows that more speeding mobile home owners are being caught each year and drivers need to take care to know their limits to avoid fines, penalty points or worse. The research has resulted in some motor insurers calling for the national speed limit sign to be replaced by signs showing an actual numerical limit but the Government are expected to shy away from this due to the cost.

In the past twelve months the number of motorhome owners caught breaking the speed formed just a small percentage of the overall total. Nearly a third thought the 70mph speed limit to be too slow and 67% would support a campaign to increase it to 80mph. Needless to say, Coalition Government plans to up the maximum fixed penalty from £60 to £100 was not popular with 80% of those questioned with most of them feeling it is just another unfair tax.

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