Buying Insurance Protection for an Older Motorhome

Just because a motorhome is an older model, or one that has been bought second hand, does not mean that the owner will value it and the contents any less. Adequate insurance for the vehicle will still be required for there to be no financial loss in the event of theft or damage to it or its contents. Anyone with a mobile home that has some years on it may wish to apply for insurance with a provider offering older motorhome insurance protection and the best person to find a policy like this is an insurance broker.

The age of a motorhome can be an advantage when it comes to premiums as they will typically work out cheaper than insuring a brand new, top of the range model. Owners will not want to pay out a fortune to insure an older model and they will also have to bear in mind what is included in the protection for the premiums. Comparatively few of us can afford to adopt an approach that essentially says price doesn’t matter. That is why searching for cheaper insurance is perfectly natural. Much as we’d all like to have the very best of everything in reality a compromise is often required. However, in the case of motorhome insurance, too much compromise can mean the policy holder is inappropriately insured.

The good news is that a specialist motorhome insurance broker will make it easier to look at a number of different policies and will work hard to compare and find the best one. They can also compare the details of the cover as well as the sometimes thornier subjects of conditions, exclusions and excesses. A motorhome is something to care about and will be a significant financial asset, which is why more people are deciding to use a broker who can get the right balance between price and cover, as it is not something anyone wants to discover during the context of a claim.

There has been an increase in people buying second hand motorhomes and a recent YouGov survey conducted on behalf of Outwell, who are one of the United Kingdom’s leading brands for tents and family camping equipment, found that in the last six months 14% of respondents had already bought a motorhome. A further 46% were considering taking up touring and 22% were considering returning to motorhoming after their finances have been affected by the credit crunch. The main reason holding them back was they are worried about it being stolen. However, there was a huge fall in claims for thefts in 2011 with 50% less incidents compared to 2010.

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