Motorhome Owners Can Save Money by Switching Insurance Providers

United Kingdom motorhome owners are wasting on average £1 million each year because they cannot be bothered to switch insurance providers. This is according to the latest research which surveyed motorhome owners’ attitudes to switching insurance providers. An amazing 46% said they had never switched their insurance provider from the first time they bought motorhome insurance.

In fact, 72% said they had been with the same provider for three years or more, potentially missing out on an average saving of £159.16 each year just by switching insurance providers. This means that collectively they are wasting £1 million by not shopping around or asking an insurance broker to find them the best deal.

So why are so many not switching insurance providers and saving themselves money? 39% of those surveyed said they simply could not be bothered while 26% felt their current deal is so good there is no point switching because it would not be bettered anywhere. Almost a quarter (24.6%) is under the illusion that switching insurance providers is too complicated, which is startling when one considers how many computers and phone devices there are around the UK! However, with 59% of people saying they would be willing to switch if they could save money, it’s not really affordability that should be questioned but people’s attitudes towards switching.

The UK is a money saving nation, however, most still aren’t making the effort when it comes to getting the best insurance deals. Shopping around, or asking a broker to do the work will get the best value for money and also ensure the right level of cover. Levels of cover can vary between providers so it is always worth doing this on a yearly basis to make sure of the right cover at the right price. Loyalty does not always pay and it is possible to find better cover at a lower price.

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