A Broker Can Find a Motorhome Insurance Policy with no Hidden Fees

Motorhome owners should seriously consider asking a broker to find them a competitive motorhome insurance policy that does not contain exorbitant fees for minor policy alterations and renewals.

Research by Which? magazine has found that some companies are charging up to £30 for minor amendments including change of address, updating personal details or even transferring the policy to another motorhome when the owner has upgraded or downgraded. Even simply renewing a policy after a claim free twelve months can also attract charges, the consumer group found. When it comes to recommending a broker Which? Found that 98% of those surveyed said they would recommend their broker to a friend. Insurance brokers can often be the best friend a motorist can have. They can help paint a clear picture about the fees that are charged to customers who are already struggling with motoring costs including high and rising insurance premiums.

Which? Is critical of the charges that are not made clear enough and are not always easily accessible to customers using an insurer’s website. Many mobile home owners have been caught out by these charges and are turning to a broker to look at the small print, making sure no charges are hidden in the policy wording. Some companies are charging both a set-up and a renewal fee which will more than likely make them uncompetitive when comparisons are carried out.

Brokers will also look at the huge array of companies that do not charge extra for their monthly payment options but will compare the policy prices with those that do charge interest on monthly payments. They can also look at the customer satisfaction reports of a company. In the last year the average customer score was 65% but there are a number that have a customer score closer to 80%. Making a claim is obviously when the customer needs the insurance provider most and it is often a stressful and demanding time, so companies with a high customer satisfaction score may well point to a company that comes up with the goods when the chips are down.

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