Staying in the UK Will Mean Cheaper Insurance for Motorhome Owners

Fewer United Kingdom residents are now taking their holidays abroad due to the current economic climate. This is good news not just for the tourist industry but also the companies who make a living supplying mobile homes, such as motorhomes and campervans, to the general public.

Statistics show that there has been quite a substantial fall in the number of UK tourists travelling abroad over the last decade. Unsurprisingly then, the popularity of holidaying at home rather than abroad or the ‘staycation’ as it has been dubbed has increased noticeably in the last few years. In Scotland, where 1.4 million visits by tourists were recorded during last year, they have seen an increase of almost 10% in visitor numbers. It is a different scenario to holiday trends just a decade ago. At the turn of the century motorhome owners from the UK flocked over to mainland Europe. The resurgent UK economy and advantageous exchange rates instigated a golden age of travelling abroad for campervan and motorhome owners and thousands took advantage. However, a steady decline in numbers in the last 10 years due to external factors such as the economic crisis, swine flu, strikes and weak currency rates means holiday parks in the UK now attract more and more stay at home mobile campers.

Motorhome suppliers have seen sustained growth in both sales and rentals over the last few years and research shows that there has been a 23% increase in the number of people who are making serious inquiries into buying a mobile home and a number of manufacturers are even expanding their range to meet the increased demand. Motorcaravan insurance companies have also reported an increase in people looking for a competitive quote and if the motorhome owner is not leaving the UK, the quote will be lower as European cover will not be needed.

The Caravan Club claim that that more and more people are deciding to take up camping, and their membership has reached an all-time high. Although traditionally associated with touring retired couples there has also been a noticeable 18% rise in the number of larger motorhomes being sold to couples with young families. A larger model means that families can holiday on the road whilst still maintaining space and comfort. Local councils are also making efforts to change the image of the British campsite to encourage people to holiday in their communities which will bring in much needed revenue to the local economy.

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