Road Safety Budget Cuts No Help to Motor Home Insurance Providers

The cost of motor home insurance is unlikely to be helped by the startling statistics revealed in a report by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM).

The road safety charity asked councils the length and breadth of the UK for details of their spending plans for road safety in 2012 and replies from over 80 councils showed that on average, councils will be cutting their spending by 15%.

Amazingly, Camden council in London are cutting their road safety budget by 70%. The cut in spending appears to be across the board with basic road safety measures such as School Patrols and information guides for young drivers just two of the more controversial cuts revealed by some councils. Other measures to be axed include information on safe routes to schools and rehabilitation courses for motorists who have been guilty of driving offences in the past. Insurers will be particularly disappointed to see help to young drivers being reduced especially after the recent motor insurance summit decided that educating young drivers in road safety techniques was the most important factor in bringing insurance costs down.

When the cost of a school lollipop lady works out at about £3,000 a year and the cost of a road traffic accident involving a death is estimated at around £1.5 million, it does seem some councils may be guilty of looking for false economies, but the overriding response to the IAM survey was that a massive reduction in funding from Government Central Office had forced them into a cost cutting exercise. Unsurprisingly Whitehall disputes that scenario pointing out that councils in England and Wales will receive £3 billion between 2011 and 2015 to invest into road improvements, the largest amount ever awarded according to ministerial sources.

To be fair to the councils the IAM survey did show that most of them were actually maintaining the same level of expenditure on road maintenance; however, the insurance industry will be disappointed with what appears to be a knee jerk reaction from a great number of local authorities.

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