Tyre Replacement Company Reveals Indifference to Safety Checks

Reports from one the UK’s leading tyre and brake replacement service companies shows why motorhome insurance providers alongside other motor insurance providers have such a difficult time in reducing premiums.

A recent survey by the Kwik Fit company on motorists’ attitude to tyre checks reveals just how much work there is to do when it comes to educating some of the UK’s drivers. It is without doubt that tyre faults and brake malfunction lead to a major proportion of motorhome insurance claims in the UK and yet if the Kwik Fit surveys are to be believed a great number of UK motorists have not yet made that connection.

A study by the company found that 70% of drivers regularly drove on under inflated tyres. An under inflated tyre affects many facets of driving; it can make steering the vehicle more difficult, it can put pressure on the braking system and in extreme cases cause a tyre to collapse and leave the driver with a highly dangerous “blow-out” situation. Under inflated tyres make motoring highly inefficient from a fuel angle and adds to the cost of motoring. This may probably explain why 11% of the drivers interviewed said they didn’t replace worn tyres because they could not afford to do so. Astonishingly two out of five motorists did not know how to check their tyres were compliant with legal requirements and this despite a quarter of the 2000 people surveyed saying they had suffered a puncture in the last 12 months.

Dealing with a punctured tyre also proved to be a bit of a struggle for many motorists. Over one in three, 36% said they had the tools to mend the puncture but did not know how to do it, while 10% said they had a spare tyre but no tools to fit it. The same amount said they had a spare tyre but were unaware what kind of tyre it was while 4% admitted they didn’t have a clue whether their vehicle had a spare tyre or not.

It is clear from the report that bringing down the number of accidents on UK roads thus bringing down the premiums on motorhome insurance policies is not ever going to be a simple undertaking.

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