Happy Holidays Should Start with a Tyre Check

Motorhome tyres are probably the number one priority when it comes to ensuring the vehicle is safe and legal. However each year there are some serious accidents where a motor home is damaged or even written off because the owner has not paid enough attention to the tyres. Nobody wants to make a claim on their motorhome insurance policy and having the tyres in tip-top condition will greatly reduce the chances of making a claim.

The tyres are the only parts of the vehicle that come into contact with the road and therefore safety in acceleration, braking, steering and cornering all depend on a relatively small area of road contact. It is absolutely imperative that each of the motorhome tyres (along with the spare) is well maintained and in good condition before setting off on what should be an enjoyable break. Research carried out has found that there are a large number of motorhome owners who could not change their own tyre if they got a puncture. Among a nationally-representative sample of 1200 motor home owners, 31% have a spare tyre and the tools needed to change it but they do not know how too. A further 9.5% carry a spare but have no tools, and there was almost 12% who are unsure as to what the correct pressure of the tyre should be and where they could find the information.

The research shows that there are clearly gaps in knowledge around how to change a motorhome tyre. Changing a wheel is a skill that all drivers should have, especially if the motor home journey includes a visit to Europe. Anyone who isn’t confident enough to do so can speak to their local motorhome dealer who will be happy for one of their team to walk them through it. Tyre safety is important for all vehicles but motorhome tyres are particularly at risk from rubber deterioration due to being left to stand over the cold winter months.The result, particularly for under-inflated tyres, can be a terrifying high speed blow-out.

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