Price, Price, Price!

If motor home insurance providers were ever in any doubt which one single item persuaded customers to go for their product, a recent survey conducted by one such provider should leave them in no doubt.

In fact the survey was conducted on what persuaded people to buy a motor home but the result applies equally to the insurance they cover it with, or at least it is a fair bet that it does. The survey gave prospective vendors a choice of five categories to choose from and asked them which one would most determine their eventual purchase. The choices were; brand name, appearance, comfort, performance and price. The survey was conducted over several months and took in the views of over 250 customers, however, there was only ever going to be one winner in these difficult times even though many observers would see the purchase of a motor home as a luxury item that is not affected so much by the dire financial climate.

Of course the winner by the proverbial country mile was price, and at a time when motoring is at its most expensive there is really little wonder. All the other categories had their support with comfort coming a very good second, which may confirm in fact that motor home ownership is indeed a luxury. Appearance and performance came in third and fourth respectively, polling 10% and 7% of the votes leaving brand name at the bottom with just 3% saying it was the most important factor. The results must be a big worry for many manufacturers who have spent years building up confidence in their brand, in a similar way to well known motor home insurers, and will come as a stark warning that every sale has to be fought for and there is no room for complacency!

In all 65% put price as their prime mover, including on-costs, and although it may not come as any surprise it should serve as a reminder to people in the motor home business just what customers are looking for.

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