Jubilee Weekend will be a Busy Time for Motorhome Insurers

Motorhome owners are being urged to take extra care on the roads over the upcoming bank holiday weekends as a steep increase in the number of road traffic accidents has been predicted.

Research carried out by the insurance industry shows that motorhome owners are 79% more likely to be involved in a road traffic accident over a Bank Holiday weekend as opposed to any other weekend during the year. This means they are also much more likely to make an insurance claim due to the same reasons.

Obviously motorhomes are there to be used and the results should not put anyone off a Bank Holiday break, the advice is to take a little extra care on the roads as they will be particularly busy. The Diamond Jubilee weekend is set to be particularly popular for people taking a short break in the United Kingdom as there are a full 4 days in a row, including the weekend and two Bank Holiday days. The huge increase in claims is not a surprise when considering there are simply more people using their motorhomes on a Bank Holiday weekend, so statistically there should be more claims. The key advice to avoiding making a claim on a motorhome insurance policy is to avoid travelling at peak times and making sure that the motorhome is in tip top condition before hitting the road.

It is not just other road users that motorhome owners need to look out for, anyone driving on the rural roads of the UK should be wary of four legged animals as well because there has been a 21% increase in claims in the last 12 months involving all manners of animals such as deer, pheasants, cows, sheep and horses. These are all the type of animals that are fairly common in the places motorhome owners love to visit, particularly when driving on A or B roads. Hitting a large animal usually inflicts some sort of damage on any vehicle and being particularly vigilant when driving in areas where animals roam will help avoid an incident that is distressing for all concerned. The average cost of a claim involving an animal is around £1,850 but there have been quite a few instances in the last 12 months where the cost of repair was between £3,500 and £4,000.

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