Who Owns a Motorhome?

A survey has revealed the owner occupation profile of motorhome owners in the United Kingdom. The results showed that the top six professions for ownership are teachers, nurses, engineers, company directors, police officers and civil servants, indicating that 4 of the top 6 professions for motorhome ownership involve workers in the public sector. Last year there was a 5% increase in UK holidaymakers choosing to take a holiday at home rather than travelling abroad, and the camping industry benefited from a large slice of the domestic spend which is estimated to have been worth £5.5million to the economy.

Touring motor caravan holidays regularly attract 1.5 million enthusiasts, and the caravanning organisations also benefit from the interest, with The Caravan Club now having over 1 million members, and the Camping and Caravanning Club boasting over half a million devotees. There are many stereotypes associated with motorhome owners but the research shows that there is a real cross section of people who have fallen for the charms of mobile home ownership. Every summer a huge number of motorhome owners take to the roads and although the vast majority of them are retired, the study of those who are working has shown that a surprising range of people have opted for the freedom a mobile home provides.

With Brits getting four days off work for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee next month, it’s a perfect time to check the motor caravan insurance is up to date before escaping on a short break. There is a wealth of fantastic destinations across the UK, from popular locations in the Lake and Peak District to beautiful spots in Norfolk and the South-West. The research also showed that motorhome owners feel that the health benefits are very important, with 85% believing that a short break can contribute to their well being. It is an observation that is backed up by many in the medical profession who believe motorhome holidays can be emotionally enriching for the whole family with the close knit surroundings bringing some quality bonding time.

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