Why do Simple Checks Prove to be so Difficult?

As the country prepares for a mass exodus from the towns and cities this bank holiday weekend, motorhome insurance providers are beseeching motorists to ensure they start their holiday weekend by ensuring their motorhome is in tip top condition before they set off. And if the findings from a recent study by a well known driving school are correct, those that do check will be in a vast minority.

Amazingly the survey conducted by the RED Driving School found that two out of three UK drivers neglected the most basic of breakdown and safety checks before setting off on a long journey. Although everyone taking a driving test in Britain must have knowledge of basic weekly car maintenance it seems the lessons are forgotten by most immediately after they have passed their test. It is little wonder then that accident rates and insurance claims remain so high.

Although it only takes a couple of minutes each week to lift up the bonnet of a vehicle and make a basic check, very few do this, in fact 37% of those surveyed admitted that they were least likely to check something as important as brake fluid levels. This figure goes up to 42% when only males are taken into account. A further 21% said they were least likely to check engine coolant on a regular basis. Of course low levels of brake fluid and engine coolant can seriously compromise the safety of any vehicle and it seems incongruous that many motorists will go out of their way to save a few pence on a tank full of petrol, but won’t take the time to spend a few minutes to check for faults that could cost them a fortune in repairs and insurance costs.

According to the Highway Code motorists should check brake fluid levels at least once a week and the same goes for engine coolant and tyres for that matter. It is so disappointing that modern technology’s advances in manufacturing safe vehicles is so often neutralised by a driver’s lack of forethought.

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