New Offence Welcomed by Motorists

With the proposed new driving offence of causing serious injury by dangerous driving soon to hit the statute books, motorhome insurance providers will have to consider how it will affect premiums.

There is little doubt that the new offence is welcomed by the motoring public of the UK if a poll conducted by the Institute of Advanced Motorists is anything to go by. An online survey of over 1400 drivers found 94% of those questioned welcomed the introduction of the new offence and the stricter penalties that come with it. At the moment a motorist causing serious injury by dangerous driving will usually be charged with dangerous driving, which although recognised as a serious offence does not take into account the damage the reckless driver may have caused to people caught up in the incident. The new law will take into account the consequences of the incident and will give magistrates stiffer penalties to hand out to the miscreants.

When the motorists taking part in the survey were asked if they thought the sentencing for the offence should be calculated on the offence itself or the injuries caused to people affected by the offence there was almost a 50/50 split with a slight majority believing sentencing should be based on the offence rather than the outcome. However, there was a big difference when the pollsters were asked what the biggest deterrent to reckless driving was. Seven out of ten said they didn’t drive recklessly because they feared they would be caught, while only five out of ten said they didn’t drive recklessly because they would be concerned with causing injury to other road users.

It would seem then that there is little chance of police forces considering lowering the presence of traffic police on any of our major routes, and that motorhome drivers along with other drivers will be less likely to make a motorhome insurance claim if they are driving in an area which is populated by marked traffic police cars.

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