Motorhome Owners do Research online Before Deciding to Buy

Research has shown that the internet is playing an increasing role in influencing the decision of the United Kingdom’s growing number of motorhome buyers. The survey revealed that 76% have conducted research online before approaching the dealer. More than half (52%) of those who did online research said that the huge amount of information available on the internet prompted them to change the choice of motorhome brand. The study has shed light on how the internet can influence the decisions of buyers in the United Kingdom, and how relaxed older members of the community have become in using online websites to help them make an informed choice.

Respondents reported that they used the internet to both research and compare the price, watch online videos from owners who have the same motorhome, find images and read expert and user reviews. Of the 76% of respondents who went online, 58% said they used a search engine as the first source of information. On average, motorhome buyers spend 9-12 weeks conducting research before making a final decision. Buyers rated the internet much more important than television or printed media for motorhome related content, thanks to fast, easy access to necessary information. Buyers also choose to watch videos online as part of their research, with 59% rating YouTube as an excellent source of information. The research was based on answers supplied by 3,000 respondents of which 61% were male and around 68% were aged over forty.

The research also showed that the internet is playing a big part when it comes to motorhome insurance with 62% saying one of the best and easiest ways to do this is to use an insurance broker. Those questioned said they liked the idea of supplying their needs and then letting an agent go through the minutiae of data that would give them the best policy to suit their needs.

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