Motorhome Owners Need to do their Homework Before Driving in France

Despite promises that summer is due to arrive in the United Kingdom shortly, many motorhome owners are still deciding to head to the warmer climes of France in July and August.

However, driving abroad brings with it many new dangers, and research has shown that one in three drivers will knowingly take risks with the law which they would not do when driving on the roads of the UK. The research also revealed that many mobile home owners have a worrying lack of knowledge when it comes to driving on foreign roads and will also inadvertently break the law. Just under a third (32%) were much less worried about flouting speed restrictions in France, but thankfully 96% take a dimmer view on drink driving while on holiday in France. The results point to a combination of inexperience and disregard for the laws of driving abroad which is a recipe for disaster for British drivers. Motorhome insurance providers are quite rightly shocked to see so many drivers willing to take risks that they wouldn’t take in the UK.

While a driving holiday on the other side of the English Channel may seem an attractive proposition, there are certain rules and regulations that motorhome owners need to know before hopping across the water to France. For instance, from July 1st, every driver must be equipped with a breathalyser kit that contains two devices which are up to the standard set by the country. Brits also need to be aware of the drink driving laws as France’s alcohol level is much lower than the United Kingdom with it standing at 50mg per 100ml of blood, a level that Scotland will be matching in the coming months. Always carry an accident report form somewhere in the vehicle just in case there is an accident. The form is not obligatory, but it makes any legal proceedings or insurance payments a lot quicker.

The list of required items seems to get bigger each year but for a long time now UK drivers in France must display a GB plate and have their headlights adjusted to the right. The vehicle must be equipped with a warning triangle and a luminous safety vest must be kept inside the motorhome. Finally it is important to remember to drive on the right-hand side of the road. If there are two drivers it is a good idea to agree to remind each other during the journey and when swapping over after a break.

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