Bad Weather Expected to Cause Problems for Motorhome Owners

Motorhome drivers who are currently taking a break in many parts of the UK have been warned to expect hazardous driving conditions and flooding after torrential downpours have been causing major disruptions including a number of major flooding incidents.

Safety experts at many motorhome insurance providers are offering their customers advice on driving in heavy rain, following Met Office warnings of hazardous conditions over the next few days. Water from the sky is not the only problem. Water that is forced up from the road as vehicles drive over it can also cause hazards. Spray can, in a split second, cover the windscreen and reduce visibility to almost zero. Heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses cause the most spray but even a small car travelling at a normal speed can produce enough spray to cause a hazard that could lead to an accident and a claim on the motorhome insurance policy.

To keep spray to a minimum, mobile home owners are being advised to create a good distance between the vehicles in front. If a heavy vehicle is approaching, switch the wipers to full speed in readiness of a large quantity of water hitting the windscreen. In cases of severe flooding, drivers need to consider if making the journey is necessary at all. Motorhome owners love being on the open road but if the rain gets too heavy they should park up and wait till the weather improves.

Data from numerous reports shows that a suddenly very wet road surface increases the chances of accidents when drivers brake or steer round corners, which is bad enough in a conventional car but can be a major problem for motorhome owners. Motorhome owners will lessen the chance of having to claim on their insurance in bad weather if they remember that poor visibility and wet road surfaces mean that braking distances should be increased and slowing down will give them more time to respond to any tricky situations. Another top tip in inclement weather is to disengage cruise control.

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