Protect your Investment

There is no doubt that investing in a new motorhome is a big decision that these days can sometimes cost more than the price of a house. And it is maybe this reason that many motorhome enthusiasts opt for buying second hand.

Of course there is nothing wrong at all with that and many bargains are available at the moment, probably due to the present financial situation. However, making the right moves before you buy are much more important than many manoeuvres you will make once the vehicle has been purchased. There is no such thing as being too careful, and motorhome insurance providers are united in that view. It is always best to have a plan before you start thinking about buying a used motorhome and it will pay off if you stick to it. Think of how a military general would have a strategy before taking the field of battle and you are thinking on the correct lines.

First of all set yourself a budget… and stick to it. That way you will concentrate on vehicles in your price range and won’t be distracted looking at motors you can’t afford. And remember to add on ancillary costs such as motorhome insurance, service charges and general running costs. The next thing to do is give the vehicle a good all round check including the tyres, look for scuff marks on the bodywork and any signs of the vehicle having been involved in accidents in the past. When you have satisfied yourself that this could be the motorhome for you it is time to call in the experts and get a comprehensive check. It is best to have a professional complete a physical check of the vehicle and then to pay for a past history of the vehicle. This will show if there are any outstanding loan agreements on the vehicle, if it has been “written off” by motorhome insurers in the past or indeed if it has been stolen. It may be seen as an extra cost but it is a cost worth paying.

Once you have satisfied yourself with the condition and background history of the vehicle then you can make your move confidently and barter with the owner on a price to suit both parties.

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