Litterbug Drivers are still Exasperating Motorhome Owners

New research from the Green Flag breakdown service has confirmed what motorhome owners have known for a long time, that many UK drivers are litter bugs.

The rubbish problem in the UK saw nine million drivers throw litter from their cars in the last twelve months. This is one of the top irritations for motorhome owners who stop for a few hours and sometimes stay the night in rural car parks throughout the UK. In an effort to put something back for the free stays in beautiful places many mobile home owners will spend time collecting up litter in the area and dispose of it correctly and they are proud of the fact that wherever they go, they never leave rubbish or litter. The majority of motorhome owners (68%) have said that litter on the road has caused them to take evasive action and 100% have said that they would not be happy if litter caused them to make a claim on their motorhome insurance policy. The research also revealed that motorhome owners would support any legislation brought in by the authorities that would increase the penalties for dumping litter.

Although refuse collectors tell stories of the weird and not so wonderful objects they collect from the roadside, there are few surprises in the objects that top the role of shame. The top five items thrown from vehicles are cigarette ends (29 million) food (17 million) food wrappers (11 million) drink containers (6 million) and tissues (5 million). These are all items that motorhome owners will use on a daily basis but in general don’t discard. The main excuses given by drivers include, throwing out items to prevent a smell building up (25%) and preventing the vehicle from being cluttered (22%). These results of the survey will not please motorhome owners or any other responsible vehicle owner but it is a fact that the UK has many drivers who are simply too idle to stop and find a bin. This is not just unsightly; it is also hazardous to the wildlife that lives in the verges and hedgerows. Everyone has a responsibility to keep the roads safe and clean and motorhome owners want everyone to follow their example.

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