Exchange Rate Helps Brits Abroad

Motorhome owners heading to Europe this summer will pay less at the pump this year in almost every holiday destination. The savings come about not because fuel prices have fallen, in fact pump prices have risen throughout Europe, but research has shown that holiday drivers will be paying as much as 8.6% less for unleaded petrol and 10.4% less for diesel because of the strength of sterling against other European currencies.

The cheapest fuel can be found in Andorra where unleaded costs just £1.13 a litre, and diesel is even less at just £1.03 per litre. This price is 10% lower than last year and a massive 27% cheaper than the UK average price. Spain and Luxembourg join Andorra in offering some of the lowest-priced fuel among all the countries surveyed. At £1.21 a litre in both countries, filling up the motorhome with unleaded petrol for a journey will save the owner some much needed money. However, it is not all good news because despite Italy being one of the cheaper places to drive in 2011 soaring pump prices have now made the country second only to Norway for expensive motoring. France and Belgium are the two countries where most motorhome owners will cross from the UK to explore and they remain among the most expensive places to fill up. At £1.49 in France and £1.48 Belgium, the research concludes that it will pay mobile home owners to fill up in the United Kingdom before leaving. However, the opposite is the case for those with a diesel motorhome because the cost of diesel in the UK is 6p more expensive than France and 12p more than Belgium.

Research shows that just 8% of motorhome owners have been put off adding European cover to their motorhome insurance policy by the fuel prices in Europe. Those who are not put off are making advance route planning with petrol prices in mind to help them cut costs. The best advice is to fill up before leaving the UK if travelling to France or Belgium in a petrol vehicle, divert into Luxembourg if travelling south through eastern France or make a detour into Andorra en route to Spain. For diesel vehicles, fill up as soon as you arrive on the continent as it is much cheaper than in the United Kingdom.

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