Over 50s not Backward at Coming Forward

A survey of older drivers, many of whom hold motorhome insurance policies, has discovered a whole nation of “Victor Meldrews” who constantly feel they have something to moan about… and usually do.

The survey of drivers over 50 years old asked them if they felt they had ever been unfairly treated in motoring circumstances and how they reacted if they had been. The survey asked about motoring offences, repairs and servicing, parking and potholes. The results were interesting to say the least.

When it came to complaining, both male and female respondents indicated that objecting to parking tickets was the most likely scenario they would react to, with roughly one third of each saying they would challenge what they considered an unfair parking ticket. In fact 1 in 3 of those who said they had challenged a parking fine reported they were successful. In London the percentage of drivers who challenged a parking fine rose to an amazing 44%. Strangely enough the ratio falls to just 1 in 20 drivers complaining when it comes to speeding tickets. For those who feel they were victims of rough justice but did not complain the overriding reason was very different when it came to opposite sexes. The men did not complain because they were afraid of incurring costs whereas the women did not complain because they didn’t know how to!

When it comes to complaining about the servicing and repair standards at a garage, both sexes said the main reason they didn’t was because they were afraid of confrontation, however, of those who did summon up the courage to complain, older women had the edge. Not only do more complain (18% compared to 13%) but they also have a better success rate (23% to 17%). Potholes were one of the most vexatious issues with 16% of those questioned saying their vehicles had suffered pothole damage. Unfortunately only 6% reported a successful outcome of their complaint.

Overall the survey discovered that the over 50s do complain a lot but would complain even more if they were confident how to do it. Which suggests there is an opportunity out there for someone?

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