Connecting to the Internet while exploring the United Kingdom

In the past, one of the many joys that travelling in a motorhome gave to its owner was that of leaving behind the modern world of technology behind. Today, motorhome insurance is vital to protect all of the technology that is necessary to stay in touch with the outside world whilst exploring the country.

Now even the oldest and most traditional motorhome owners are taking some kind of technology with them. The majority have mobile phones, laptops or tablet computers and although it is extremely tempting to leave technology behind, they do actually have a useful purpose when on holiday. It has never been easier to check the weather forecast or look for places to visit. The only problem that will be faced is finding a strong enough signal to stay in touch. Today many campsites will have Wi-Fi connections, some are free to connect to, but others, especially at holiday parks, will charge a fee. Some Wi-Fi fees can be quite high but fortunately there are much cheaper alternatives to these expensive fees. Around 66% will look online before they leave to find a list of available free Wi-Fi hotspots that they can connect to which is a higher level than the 55% who do the more traditional search and look for the nearest farm shop or the nearest supermarket.

Most laptops or tablets will have has a USB port, meaning it will be possible to buy a dongle which plugs directly into the computer. The dongle will connect to the same network signal that a mobile phone uses. Obviously this will only work if there is a mobile phone signal where you are staying. If a tablet computer does not have a USB port (the original iPad does not), then a MiFi mobile device will be the best option. MiFi units are a compact, wireless device that allows multiple users to share a single broadband connection whilst on the go.

They work by creating a localized signal, similar to the wireless routers used by home broadband providers. Unlike dongles, which started to become ubiquitous in 2007, MiFis are relatively new but can connect up to 5 devices at once. The ways and means of accessing the internet from a motorhome are constantly changing. The United Kingdom market has evolved considerably over the last 5 years. The market will continue to evolve onwards and the price for motorhome internet access will hopefully continue to fall. Decent internet access is one of the necessities of modern life for most motorhome owners who have become increasingly reliant on broadband. A recent survey found 69% of motorhome owners saying they would prefer to be able to get some kind of internet connection while touring the UK, while 48% said internet access was necessary to make sure they get the best out of their holiday.

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