Aggressive Motorists Take the Joy out of Driving for Motorhome Owners

Despite having no intention of giving up driving, one in four motorhome owners no longer enjoy motoring, with the threat of road rage among the main reasons why.

The worry has been revealed in research carried out among 2,000 mobile home owners from across the UK. The survey revealed that 72% have seen drivers get out of their car to confront another driver and that 38% of motorhome owners have had another driver confront them. The study also found 70% believe they become more aggressive behind the wheel if they are on the receiving end of road rage, 40% feel angry, 28% feel shaken and 22% feel like retaliating. This is bad news for motorhome insurance companies who fear that once a driver feels intimidated or angry they will lack concentration increasing the danger for not just themselves and their passengers, but also other road users.

The research found that experts believe that road rage is so prevalent because today’s driver is prevented from using the normal cues to work out other drivers intentions, such as facial expression and body language. For instance bumping into someone on the street while walking only needs a quick smile or apology to show it was accidental. However, when driving a vehicle people are much more likely to react in an aggressive manner because there is no personal contact. Almost 88% of motorhome owners would join a ‘courtesy campaign’ to encourage motorists to employ more courteous driving methods. Experts say this would not only improve safety and the overall driving experience but congestion and delays would also be reduced if drivers are happier.

Apparently getting a blast of the horn from another driver is the most common form of aggression followed by being tailgated and having someone brake hard in front. Offensive gestures and flashing headlights also feature in the list, but most mobile home owners say they try not to let aggressive drivers rile them and instead concentrate on their own driving skills.

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