Nervy Motorhome Owners Need to do Road Research Before Driving in Europe

British holidaymakers have long been labelled the blight of the European holiday season, because of the difficulty they have in adapting to different driving conditions. New research probably indicates this to be true as it shows that 73% of United Kingdom motorhome owners who will drive abroad this summer have a fear of foreign roads because of the confusing road signs and the different laws that come into force when entering a different country.

In fact this is far from being a falsified phobia because research reveals 12% of road trips from Britain to Europe in a motorhome end in some kind of a bump, and a massive 66% have experienced some kind of minor mishap. This is worrying news for the 25% of UK drivers who go abroad each summer without checking they have adequate motorhome insurance that will cover every possible situation. Yes, that’s right, a report reveals that a quarter of mobile home owners casually assume that their UK policy automatically covers them in Europe, when in fact it is quite possible their policy will not be as comprehensive as when driving at home. The research also showed that those who are new to motorhome driving are 67% more likely to head to Europe with inadequate motorhome insurance.

Every year hundreds of blissful summer breaks are turned into holiday horrors. Driving on the opposite side of the road is the number one fear (39%), and one in five (20%) confess to having driven on the wrong side of the road abroad without realizing it. Switching the United Kingdom roads from left to right is never likely to happen but motorhome owners do feel that standardising Europe’s drink-driving laws is a must. Over half (53%) who have driven in Europe are strongly in favour of changes. Lack of preparation was further revealed when 50% admitted they didn’t realise it was illegal to use a hands free kit in Spain and 10% didn’t know that drivers in Spain and Italy who wear glasses need to carry a spare pair in the motorhome. Accidents can easily happen in an unfamiliar environment, so reading up on the rules of the roads in the country that will be visited is vitally important.

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