How Much do you Love your Motor?

An advertising campaign by a company selling car care products is currently featuring on TV screens across the UK and interesting as the ads may be they are not half as interesting as the findings of the research on which the adverts have been based.

The adverts promote the special qualities of Turtle Wax and how it not only protects a vehicle, which is something all motorhome insurance providers will agree is a good thing, but makes it become a thing of beauty. Researchers asked both men and women how they felt about the vehicles they owned and how big a part they played in their lives. The research provided both an interesting and amusing insight on how we think of our vehicles.

The number of motorists interviewed was approximately 1,500 and of the males interviewed, 14% said they actually loved their motor, while an impressive 25% said it was beyond doubt their favourite possession. 25% also said they were so proud of their vehicle they preferred spending time in it and looking after it more than they did spending time with their human loved ones. On the flip side of the coin 10% of males felt embarrassed about their present vehicle and were jealous of friends and neighbours who own a vehicle they regard as better than theirs. In fact 20% of males questioned said they would love to exchange their present car for a newer version and this figure went up to 25% when the researchers cheekily asked if they felt the same way about their wives and girlfriends! Four out of ten males said they realised they had a mistake within twelve months of making the acquisition, the vehicle that is.

The women interviewed tended to be a lot more circumspect about their relationship with vehicles, however, 40% said they felt confident and sexy when driving a beautiful car, while a third admitted driving a vehicle made them feel important. When it came down to comparisons with human relationships, 1 in 7 said they got more out of their relationship with their vehicle than they did with their male companion. The company are hoping that motorists will once more take a shine to their vehicle once they have put a shine on it.

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