Motorhome Owners Love to Go Wild in the Country

Motorhome owners have some of their most memorable breaks tucked away in a quiet wild camping place enjoying the sights and sounds of nature without having another motorhome parked the regulation 5m away.

There are thousands of gorgeous locations all around the United Kingdom that allow mobile home owners to wild camp. It can be sometimes quite difficult to find a true wilderness but that doesn’t stop people exploring in the hope of turning up a lovely spot. In fact 62% say they have found places to stay for an evening just by following their nose. Scenic places include lakesides, deserted beach roads, riversides and hill tops and no matter how remote the location the motorhome will still give all the comforts of a home. Wild camping is not about saving money, it is all about parking up in a quiet location for a night where solitude is guaranteed. In most parts of the UK it is not against the law to sleep in a public place in a motorhome. However, while there might be no camping ban, there will be some local laws that prohibit camping in certain areas which will all have signs informing campers of the rules.

There are some important unwritten rules that motorhome owners must adhere to. Research shows just how seriously motorhome owners take wild camping. Almost 72% feel groups should be kept small, 86% always leave the camp exactly how they found it and 92% will remove all litter (even other peoples) and will ensure they carry out everything they carried in. This proves that mobile home owners want to help preserve the environment. When wild camping, motorhome owners should consider that they could be asked at any time to “move on” by a landowner or the police. For this reason, the driver should always be fit to drive when camping in a public place and alcohol should be avoided. Always try to avoid parking up in-sight of houses as home owners are normally the first to complain and ensure your motorhome insurance policy is up to date and covers you for the adventure.

Wild camping is a fantastic way of getting back to nature and this year it is expected that 22% of motorhome owners will try this wonderful experience. It can mean that yours are the only footsteps on a beach and just imagine how nice that cup of tea or coffee tastes seeing the early morning mist on a lake surrounded by the sound of birds looking for breakfast. Wild camping is no more dangerous than living in the country and is a perfect use of a motorhome.

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