Driving dread of others is very bad news for motorhome owners

With the number of drivers increasing each day, motorhome insurance companies will be very interested in research that shows there is a condition described by experts as “driving dread” and that it effects a large number of newly qualified drivers.

According to the research more than a quarter of drivers (27%) say they lack confidence when it comes to simple tasks such as parking. The findings also show that driving on new roads is another top fear with 30% saying they don’t like tackling roads they’ve never been on before. Furthermore, 5% would rather plan a different route instead of dealing with a big junction and driving in a city centre (19%) is another place that fills new drivers with fear. This is bad news for motorhome owners who despite having decades of driving experience, can still be involved in an accident due to the “driving dread” of another. Other fears include motorway driving (18%), driving through tight gaps (19%), roundabouts (13%) and overtaking (15%).

The findings show the extent to which new motorists worry about driving. Although young drivers have the reputation for being reckless and too confident, there are also many more drivers who actually lack the confidence they need on the roads of the United Kingdom. It is because of these drivers that motorhome insurance companies may need to look into whether these drivers are increasing the risk of an accident. The road is a very scary place for everyone when they first start driving, but the research shows that basic things such as parking or negotiating roundabouts are still a major worry for drivers long after they have passed the driving test. The good news for mobile home owners who are out exploring the country is that the research showed that 47% of those who do have “driving dreads” will avoid driving in bad weather and more than a tenth (12%) will avoid rush hour traffic. However, more worrying is the 5% who admitted closing their eyes when dealing with tricky situations on the road and 2% who admitted that chatting on their phone helps to calm their nerves.

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