Motorhome owners can eat healthily while on the road

It is easy to forget that when taking a motorhome holiday it is still possible to eat healthily whilst on the road.

Many families find themselves spending hours looking around the supermarket the day before setting off on a trip, buying up packet foods, canned goods and items that come in plastic containers that will keep fresher for longer. Although this seems like a great idea, it is actually a false economy and one based on the ability to store food items in conditions other than those encountered at home. Statistics show that food is one of the most expensive elements of taking a holiday in a motorhome and it can easily be avoided. Many will spend money eating in local restaurants or pubs, others will buy takeaway food each night and bring it back to the mobile home. This is something that people would not do at home every night but succumb to while on holiday.

By avoiding junk food, fast food and drive-thrus by spending more meal times eating food prepared in the motorhome, people can drastically reduce their expenses while on the road. That means people will not only enjoy the benefits of eating healthy food, they also get to enjoy more money to spend on other activities. The savings for a family of four on a fortnight’s holiday could go a long way in helping to pay the motorhome insurance premium for a whole year.

Of course it isn’t just motorhome enthusiasts who could benefit from a healthier diet, in the United Kingdom around 44% of men and 34% of women are overweight, and a further 23% of men and 24% of women fall into the obese category. These statistics mean that over half of the population is overweight. The percentage of overweight and obese people is increasing all over the world but the rate is especially high in the UK. According to the British Heart Foundation the percentage of the population which is overweight has increased by 50% in the last 10 years. As people get older, the tendency to become overweight increases. In Britain, people in the age group 64-75 are now at significant risk; 77% of men and 71% of women in this group are now estimated to be overweight. There are a lot of older motorhome owners who fall into this group and it is these that the British Heart Foundation is urging to keep an eye on their calorie intake as they prepare for journeys on the road.

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