Driving lessons on the school curriculum?

Motorhome insurance providers will pay more than a passing interest to a report recently published by one of the UK’s leading motoring organisations.

Entitled Young Drivers at Risk and published by the Automobile Association (AA), the UK’s largest motoring organisation, the report details the carnage young drivers experience in their formative driving years and proposes ways of avoiding the same situation for inexperienced drivers in the future. The AA polled over 14,000 of its members to get an accurate assessment of what it’s like to be a young driver and the statistics don’t make for pretty reading.

The survey revealed that almost a quarter (23%) of 18-24 year-olds questioned had been involved in an accident within six months of obtaining a full driving licence and that 28% had crashed their motor vehicle and made a claim on their motor insurance before they were 21. In fact a third of the 18-24 group had been involved in a car accident of some kind even if they were not actually driving the vehicle. The report seems to suggest that the older a driver is, the less susceptible to accidents he becomes. The highest rate of accidents where injuries occur is amongst the 17-24 age group, at 4.6 per 1000 of the population, with the figure gradually diminishing as drivers get older, and for motorists over the age of 60 the occurrence is just 1.4 per 1000.

Based on the findings of the survey the AA would like to see driving tuition introduced into the school curriculum right across the country for 14-16 year-olds, believing a scheme that offers practical training alongside classroom led road safety education could make all the difference to accident figures in those important first years of driving. They certainly have the backing of the motor industry in general and motor insurance providers would readily welcome a new initiative to deal with the problem of young drivers. Similar schemes have already been launched in isolated areas of the country but it will need backing from the Government if the idea is ever going to get off the ground at a national level.

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