Motorhome owners are getting more adventurous while on holiday

Research shows that 20% of motorhome owners who might previously have been happy just to lie on a beach or walk when on vacation now want to try something a little bit more risky. Unfortunately nowhere near that many realise extra risk requires extra insurance. Interests such as horse riding and cycling may not sound as dangerous as bungee jumping or rock climbing but they can fall into the same ‘extreme sports’ category as far as travel insurers are concerned.

Many mobile home owners have in recent years been caught out by not paying an additional premium to cover adventure sports. Owners have always been keen to get a great motorhome insurance policy, either by comparing prices online or getting an insurance broker to find a competitive insurance policy. However, all this good work can be undone and a dream holiday can turn into a costly nightmare for those who decide to try an adventure sport without checking they are covered for the activities.

Skydiving is an activity that some of the younger generation of motorhome owners try while they are on holiday in the UK and is much safer than most people realise, with about a one in 100,000 chance of a jump ending in death. In fact a person is ten times as likely to be killed in a road accident. Most claims are only for minor injuries such as sprained ankles and wrists.

The Foreign Office recently released figures that showed 4,000 Britons needed hospital treatment while abroad last year and the great majority of those will have been on holiday. Motorhome owners only made up 3% of this number but there are a worrying 48% who did not realise they must pay medical bills unless they have specialised travel cover. Another 4% of motorhome owners also thought that their motorhome insurance policy would cover them for an accident while doing an adventure sport.

Every year a small number of mobile home owners will seriously regret not taking comprehensive travel insurance to cover costs if things go wrong. Medical treatment abroad can be expensive and to avoid being faced with large bills motorhome owners are being urged to make sure they are fully covered. Many people are looking for something different from the traditional holiday, either in the UK or Europe, and thrill seekers should have appropriate insurance.

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