1 in 8 females admit to texting while driving

Although it may come as a surprise to most holders of motorhome insurance policies, recent research suggests that the vehicle that goes whizzing past you well over the speed limit is more likely to be driven by a female rather than a boy racer.

The report, released by a leading online motor insurance company, studied over a quarter of a million quote forms to find that over 70% of convictions for driving offences against women were down to speeding offences, a clear 10% more than those for males. The survey also revealed that almost 50% of women admitted to driving through a red light and that 10% had flirted with road traffic officers to try and avoid being prosecuted once they had been stopped. Unfortunately 1 in 8 also freely admitted they used mobile devices to text people while they were driving their vehicle.

In fact the research did show that men were more likely to have points on their licence, 10% compared to just 5% of women drivers, and that they were also more likely to take risks when driving with almost 1 in 3 men saying they have taken their hands completely off the driving wheel to perform another task. It seems though that women are more easily distracted from the task of driving their vehicle safely. Over 60% said they sang and danced along to music while driving and 1 in 4 said they took their hands off the wheel for such things as fixing their hair and applying lipstick.

Steve Chelton is a claims manger at the company who collated the data and said: “Many drivers do not realise the implications of averting their attention from the road. Singing in the car is a given for most but dancing behind the wheel or performing any activity that requires both hands being removed (from the steering wheel) means that the driver has no control over the direction in which the vehicle is travelling. In a worst case scenario, this could result in a serious accident. Our research should be a wakeup call to all drivers, and we can’t stress enough the need to keep full attention to driving when behind the wheel.”

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