Roads are getting safer but there is still work to be done

Motorhome insurance firms throughout the United Kingdom will be delighted to hear that the police’s summer drink driving campaign, which ran for the duration of June, has shown that the number of drivers who tested positive after they either refused or failed a breath test has gone down slightly to 5.8%.

Overall 83,500 were tested and although few of the failures were motorhome owners it does mean that there are dangers out there for all those exploring the UK in a mobile home. The percentage is down 0.2% on last year’s 6% but the police are still unhappy, as indeed are all drivers who are involved in an accident with someone who is over the limit. Although there has been a reduction in 2012, it is not big enough. There were still close to 5,000 drivers found to be driving under the influence who have not got the message about how dangerous a risk they are taking.

Campaign statistics show there has been a small fall in the number of under 25s drinking, however, there are still more under 25s drink driving than those over 25, 6.7% compared to 5.5%. Drivers under 25 make up just 6 million of the almost 45 million drivers in the United Kingdom. Many motorhome owners are stopped during the year through the annual Christmas and summer campaigns and even though it can be frustrating at times most drivers appreciate the police are exercising their duty on behalf of all law abiding motorists.

Motorhome owners recently listed having an accident that was not their own fault as one of the most annoying aspects of touring the country but if drink driving campaigns make the roads safer then the delay of taking a test when you are a clean driver is worth it in the long run.

Police also tested motorists for drug taking, and for those stopped on suspicion of drug driving, just under a quarter (24%) were arrested. This figure is also down on last year’s 26% but there is still a way to go to get drink and drug drivers off the road.

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