More vehicles make parking a bigger problem than ever

Most holders of motorhome insurance policies will be familiar with problems associated with parking a vehicle virtually anywhere in the UK. The size and shape of an average motorhome makes it just that more difficult to park in spaces that were in many cases designed for family saloons produced in the 1960s.

They will take little comfort from the fact that motorists driving more conventional vehicles feel the same way, but it is true. A recent survey by the RAC Foundation revealed that vehicles owned by motorists in the UK only spend 4% of their lives doing the job they were designed for… transporting people! The report suggests that vehicles spend 80% of their lives parked up outside their owners domicile, and 16% of the time parked up elsewhere. With an estimated 28 million cars covered with motor insurance in the UK that means an awful lot of parking spaces are required. And that is probably why parking and parking fines are such a big issue in our overcrowded island.

There is no doubt that motorhome owners suffer more than most motorists when trying to find a place to park and it is no surprise therefore that the motorhome lobby are most vociferous in calling councils to account for providing adequate parking. As Professor Stephen Glaister of the RAC Foundation points out: “Councils regard parking provision as an afterthought. Unlike their legal obligation to keep traffic moving there is no law that makes them provide adequate space for stationary cars, though we would regard the two topics as inextricably linked.”

Perhaps they should spend some of the half a billion pounds of surplus cash they wrestled from motorists on providing parking spaces that take into account the design and number of motorhomes in the UK today.

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