Drivers confident in their own ability

With data released earlier this summer showing the first increase in road fatalities for several years in the UK, many road safety organisations called for the driving test to brought into line with other EU countries and basically made a little more difficult. It will interest many in the motorhome insurance business that a new survey finds the great majority of British motorists have plenty of confidence in their own driving skills, even though they may be a little rusty on their theory.

The survey, carried out by a road safety organisation, found that 67% of motorists questioned were confident they would pass the practical driving examination there and then if requested to do it, with the figure going up to 76% when asked if they thought they could pass their practical driving exam first time. The figures are quite amazing really when one considers the number of accidents that take place every day on UK roads, and it is worth noting that the motorists questioned crossed the whole vehicle spectrum. It would have been less surprising if the motorists questioned had driven specialised vehicles like motorhomes where certain skills acquired by driving such a large vehicle do tend to make the driver more confident.

In fact three quarters of those questioned asserted they would not be nervous about taking a practical exam, and those who did admit to being not quite so confident said city driving and reversing would be the only two factors they may struggle on.

Confidence levels were not quite the same when it came to the theory part of the test. Just 1 in 3 drivers said they were as knowledgeable now of the Highway Code as when they passed their driving test, with 4 out of ten saying they would be totally unsure about how they would fare. Most motorhome insurance experts will accept that confident drivers are a better insurance bet than nervous drivers but the amount of drivers who seemingly throw away their Highway Code copy once they have passed their test must be a cause for concern.

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