Can your wife save you money?

After a report from a leading insurance comparison site suggested that adding a spouse to a motor insurance premium could significantly alter the cost of the policy, motorhome insurance providers can expect to be inundated with quotes based on a similar theme in the coming weeks.

Of course it isn’t as simple as putting a female driver on a policy and getting a reduction, but it is true that the insurance industry looks upon women as being a safer bet in general, and the idea in theory is quite sound. According to the report a car driver could bring the price of an average car insurance quote of £954 down to just £452 by adding his female partner, and following on from that a motorhome owner may well expect to generate savings of at least the same.

It is worth bearing in mind though that later this year yet another EU Directive will stop insurers basing premium prices on the sex of the driver. The EU Gender Directive comes into force in December 2012 and will bring motor insurance into line with other EU laws governing gender equality. However, in the meantime insurers can, and do, base their premiums on gender and in certain circumstances a female name on a policy could help. Will Thomas, a vehicle insurance expert, made the point earlier this week when he said: “Before the gender directive comes into force, adding a spouse or partner is a great way of lowering your premium and spreading the risk in the insurer’s eyes. However, there may be some instances where adding a female driver may make your policy more expensive. Use your common sense here, if the driver is young and inexperienced or has driving convictions and a claims record then this is likely to make your policy more expensive.”

Certainly the average age and driving record of a typical motorhome owner would suggest he will neither be a teenager nor have poor driving record, and the same will probably apply to his partner. It is perhaps another road worth going down for any mobile home owner.

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