Drop in the number of motorhome test drives being taken

Research has shown that in the last 12 months, around 1 in 10 motorhome buyers have purchased motorhome insurance on a vehicle without actually taking it for a test-drive. Before setting foot in the showroom, some people are researching online or reading specialist motorhome magazines and making a decision to buy before even meeting a salesman. In fact the main reason given by the 10% of buyers who buy this way was because they do not like dealing with salesmen.

Buying a motorhome is often the second largest purchase most people will ever make in a lifetime, but the skipping of a test drive is baffling experts who believe the test drive is vital in finding the best mobile home to suit one’s needs. This is also troubling for dealers who say the test drive is an experience that will quite often convert a wavering buyer into a committed buyer.

It could also convert a buyer who has settled on a competitor’s motorhome through online research, but then takes several test-drives and finds that a different model feels better. The opportunity to move a buyer into a higher priced vehicle is also lost. This year was the first time that the research asked the “do you take a test drive” question. The answers provided showed that 10% didn’t take a test drive. It also found that another 9.5% of motorhome buyers used the internet to schedule a test-drive. This is an increase of 2.1% from the previous year.

The research also showed that it is the younger generation of motorhome owners (those aged under 30) who are not bothering with a test drive. Older owners will often set up back-to-back test drives with 3 or 4 different dealerships as this makes comparisons easy and allows the buyer to be in control of the entire buying process. Older buyers still do a lot of research but they really need to get a feel of a vehicle. The motorhome they are interested in may tick every box in terms of layout, price and condition but there is really only one way to find out whether they will be happy exploring the UK and Europe in it and that is to get behind the wheel and drive it.

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