Safety campaigner set to see minister

The safety of VW campervan conversions will come under the microscope this week and it is something that will be of interest to all motorhome insurance providers. A Government Minister meets with campaigners who believe laws to improve the safety inside campervans and motorhomes could be improved, and the outcome could have far reaching effects.

David Bebb is concerned about the safety aspect of campervan conversions and feels a new law recently introduced to improve safety has a date loophole that will enable conversion companies to by-pass the new requirements. He has brought the issue to the attention of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) and has discussed the problem with the National Caravan Club. This week he will go a step further and in the company of his local MP Daniel Kawczynski (Member for Shrewsbury and Atcham) he will meet Transport Minister Mike Penning to articulate his fears.

Bebb says many campervan conversions have seat bed systems that have no seat belts and are an obvious safety issue if the van is involved in an accident. The new regulations don’t apply to vans registered before April 1st and this he believes is a big problem. He said “Around 100 vehicles per week get converted in the UK and I estimate that only about five per cent comply with the new standards that were introduced on April 1.” He has spent the last 18 months perfecting his own seat bed system which has a four –piece bracing kit that secures the bed to the vehicle body. The quick release Rock n Roll seat bed also has two seat belts and iso-fix points for two children’s seats, the new seat can be rapidly converted into a bed and a quick release system allows it to be removed from the vehicle completely when not required.

Bebb and the Minister are sure to discuss recent changes to legislation by the EU that will drastically alter the regulations around motorhome and campervan conversions. The new regulations could make considerable differences to owners getting vehicle reclassification approval from the DVLA.

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