Over half of mobile home owners have broken the rules of the road in Europe

Research has found that over half of UK motorhome owners who have taken their mobile home to continental Europe have committed an offence. The research found 55% of drivers have committed at least one driving offence, with 29% of this group admitting to 3 or more offences. It was also revealed that 1 in every 10 motorhome owners who has driven in Europe has been pulled over by the police and asked to take a breathalyser test.

Male drivers have over the years consistently acquired more driving convictions than females and insurance companies have used these statistics to justify their claim that gender is a legitimate measure to use when calculating the cost of premiums. However, as we all know, following a European Court of Justice Decision the practice has been declared illegal and will not be allowed after this autumn. Male motorhome owners are the worst for breaking the rules when driving abroad, with 59% committing an offence compared to 41% of female drivers.

As soon as the wheels of a motorhome hit European soil, continental driving rules will apply and they vary from country to country. Thousands of mobile homes are driven to France each year and getting caught speeding can easily rack up as many as six points on a driving license, and a fine of up to 1500 euros dependent on the severity of the speeding offence. It is a problem that is worrying Brits who could find their motorhome insurance premiums increasing significantly.

A broker will be able to find numerous ways of reducing the premiums but having points on a licence makes their job much more difficult. The research also revealed just one in five motorhome owners (20%) found driving in Europe more pleasant than driving in the UK; a quarter of female drivers (25%) found driving on the other side of the road much more difficult, and a further 10% of women claim they never want to drive in Europe again.

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