The five most popular motorhome insurance claims in the UK

From theft to an encounter with a low hanging branch, anything can happen when motorhome owners are off exploring the United Kingdom and beyond. Recent research has uncovered the Top Five Terrors based on the claims made by motorhome insurance customers.

Damage to motorhomes accounted for a whopping 32% of all claims made by owners and a quarter of these were down to window damage. Motorhome windows are typically made from a lightweight acrylic that has many benefits such as excellent insulating properties. However, the bad news is that they can be damaged easily. Owners need to exercise caution when driving down narrow roads and lanes as overhanging bushes and trees can cause scratches and damage to the windows. Final checks can be a pain when owners are keen to get on the road but they should not be avoided and responsible owners should double check that all windows are closed before setting off. Second on the list and accounting for 27% of claims, are impact-related insurance claims. No matter how cautious the driver is, impact damage is still high on the claims scale. Taking time to plan the journey and arriving in daylight will reduce the chances of accidentally damaging the motorhome.

Coming in at number three is the unpredictable UK weather. Owners need to be prepared for rain, shine, heavy snowfall or even giant hailstones – at any time of the year. The weather and its effects are responsible for 13% of claims with 5% of these being due to flooding alone. Owners are advised to think about flood areas and the proximity of their holiday pitch to water, such as the sea, rivers or lakes. Owners are advised to pitch on higher ground and look for areas with good drainage. Fourth on the list is theft and this accounted for 9% of all claims. Most owners feel that possessions are safest where they can “keep an eye on them” however, some owners forget this rule when their vehicle is parked up on their own driveway.

In joint fifth place are road accidents and wheel-related claims that make up 8% of the claims. Motorhome owners are proud of the fact that they are involved in so few road accidents and they are more worried about theft then crashing. With the average cost of a motorhome insurance claim coming in at around sixteen times the cost of an annual insurance policy, it pays to take out cover and thankfully the majority do this and avoid pricey repairs or even replacement.

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