Campervan cooks queuing up to sell the perfect holiday

With motorhome insurance providers being one of the few businesses that have enjoyed higher sales this summer, industry insiders are putting the popularity of mobile home holidays down to TV shows where celebrities use campervans and motorhomes as there mode of transport throughout a series.

Ever since Jamie Oliver introduced UK residents to basic Sicilian cooking via his campervan, the association of relaxed living, good food and travel with mobile homes appears to have struck a chord with Brits. No longer do North American and Antipodean travellers hold sway on the motorhome and campervan market, because more and more UK citizens are now holidaying in a mobile hotel and long may it last.

Certainly the relaxed atmosphere holidaying in a mobile home creates seems to take everyone back to their youth and the image of the campervan even today is intrinsically linked with flower power, surfing, sunsets and music, with waves creating an idyllic backdrop. Of course since Jamie Oliver paved the way we have had motor racing stars such as Jensen Button and Lewis Hamilton touring in a motorhome and Campervan cook Martin Dorey drawing millions of TV fans to his series based on his travels around the UK, cooking up a treat everywhere he goes. This week sees “loose woman” Lynda Bellingham set off on a TV trip round the British Isles in her campervan “Battenburg”. Once again the series will be about food, travel and relaxing.

So what is it about campervans that has suddenly grabbed the population of the UK? Travelling in a campervan allows holiday makers the chance to take their home comforts on holiday with them. They can take their own plates, pots and pans, towels and knives and forks if they want. There is no weight restriction on clothing and children can take their own toys, games and cycles without any problem, even the family pet can squeeze in and get the same kind of treatment it gets at home.

Choosing the ideal location to suit all the family is easy as there are hundreds of sites across the country offering different levels of amenities and price bands, and if you find the place you have booked for the first couple of nights is not exactly what you fancy then it is a simple matter of turning the ignition key and trundling off to somewhere else. No worries is a saying used by many in the surfing regions of the UK and it perfectly describes a holiday in a vehicle associated so closely with the same culture.

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