Driver behaviour thought to be behind the majority of motorhome accidents

Take a look in most dictionaries and an accident will likely be described as something along the lines of “An unexpected and undesirable event, a mishap unforeseen and without apparent cause.”

It is a fact though that most accidents can be avoided and this equally applies to collisions involving motor vehicles that we all describe as “accidents”. So, what causes them and how can they be avoided?

Motorhome insurance firms and owners would both love accidents to be avoided and the latest research shows that there are four factors that contribute to the vast majority of motorhome accidents. In order they are: driver behaviour 70%, poor roadway maintenance 14%, roadway design 9% and equipment failure 7%. Over 95% of motorhome accidents involve some degree of driver behaviour combined with one of the other 3 factors. As long as insurance has been available, drivers have always tried to blame the road conditions, equipment failure, or other drivers for the accidents.

When the facts are truthfully presented, however, the behaviour of the driver is usually the primary cause and the majority are caused by excessive speed or aggressive driver behaviour. Lack of observation comes top of the list when it comes to motorhome owner behaviour errors with just one third of accidents caused by drivers failing to look properly before they make a manoeuvre, this is followed by failing to judge another drivers path or speed at 18.9% and poor turning or manoeuvre at 14.1%. The research also found that the majority of these incidents happened during the daylight hours (70%) compared to the night time (30%).

It’s not often that the worlds of fashion and road safety intersect, but they should do, because far too many motorhome drivers are making bad footwear choices. A poll by the AA found that 27% of respondents had encountered difficulties while driving because of the shoes they were wearing, with 5% claiming that their footwear had actually led to them driving dangerously and losing control of the vehicle. Wearing the right shoes for the long journeys taken in a motorhome mean the feet are relaxed making it easier to react faster to changes in traffic or road conditions. Never, ever wear flip flops when driving, the loose fitting shoes may be an ideal choice for the beach and lounging around at home but they can be killers in a motorhome. The shoes can easily slip off and jam underneath a pedal when a driver has to react quickly to a situation, it is a fact and it has happened and people have died as a consequence.

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